AEV acquire further European market share with acquisition in Hungary


Budapest, Hungary, 17th June 2019: The AEV group, leading manufacturers of insulating resins and compounds for the electrical industry world-wide, based in Birkenhead, UK are announcing today, that they have acquired a 100% equity share of Korax Kft, a manufacturer of Epoxy Casting resins and Polyurethane Potting compounds for the electrical industry, based in Leányvár, Hungary.

The purchase of Korax allows for a geographical spread into Eastern Europe where AEV has not traditionally been present. It also brings expertise in the market of Electrical Epoxy Casting resins where a large global market can be reached by AEV’s global sales & production capabilities.

 “The acquisition of Korax will allow our existing customers access to a range of products not traditionally available from AEV and will further expand our market share in European markets.” Said Jonathan Kemp, CEO of the AEV group.

 ”With my retirement on the horizon and in the interest to further develop Korax Kft., I considered it necessary to join an organistaion with an International Network. The AEV Group is making a great contribution to this development and it is a great pleasure that our products also contribute to the expansion of the AEV Group. For my part, in the coming period, I will continue my professional activity at the AEV Group, ensuring a smooth transition.” – Said József Gajda, CEO of the KoraxLtd.

 Korax will continue to operate under it’s current name but will become a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of AEV Holdings Ltd in the UK, being integrated into the AEV brand over time.

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End of the year shotdown



Dear Valued Customer,

Please be aware that AEV Europe Kft will close for Christmas 2020 on Friday 18th December.
We will re-open for business on Monday 4th January 2021.

The expected final dates for order despatch (prior to shutdown) will be Tuesday 15th December.

Kindly submit any December purchase order requirements prior to 30th November and production will fulfill as many as possible before the shutdown.

Yours Faithfully

Brigitta Barnáné Kovács and Pál Kovács
    Company managers

Tables with AMERIN resin


Our AMERIN resins are widely used in many areas. Tables made with our resins are becoming more and more popular and are tailored to the individual needs of the customers, offering truly creative solutions. The tables shown in the pictures were made by Attila Tóth. For more information on the following tables, call 0630-385-4780.

VILEPOX resin systems available also in sacs


Our VILEPOX systems are also available in a user-friendly  sacs packed according to mixing ratio that provides very comfortable, hygienic, drip-free applications. After removing the element separating the components they can  be mixed without opening. Full homogeneity is indicated by receiving an uniform color. Then, by opening the valve, the mixture can be easily poured to the desired location.

New instruments in laboratory


Our company has purchased many new instruments for our laboratory lately. The most important is the 115-liter vacuum drying oven and the new GELNORM instrument allowing  measuring geltime and reaction heat upto 200 oC.


AMERIN design flooring


Resin-based floorings are more and more popular in different premises of modern flats. This marble-plated floor is made of AMERIN DT-4  by HBellorin Interior Design and Management Ltd.

KORAX - The Most Promising Manufacturer of the Year - Special Prize


We are proud to inform you, that our company has won "The Most Promising Manufacturer of the Year" at the competition "Factory of the Year 2017" .

ISO Certificate


We have started the new year with a succesful audit for ISO. Auspicious renewal of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates proves, that KORAX  ensures efficient operating of the quality system.



Dear Partners!

Hereby we kindly invite you to our stand on the 64th Conference held by the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association during 13-15. September 2017. in Hotel Caramell Premium Resort in town Bükfürdő.
Our stand can be found opposite to the registration.
We hope we can meet you there and will have the opportunity to discuss the latest developments of our companies.
In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

AMERIN D-2/PW1 for coating of drinking-water tanks


Our R&D engineers do not stop even during summer! Thanks to them our range of building products has been enriched with a special, two-component varnish for coating drinking-water tanks made from concrete. AMERIN® D-2/PW1 can also be used for coating of metallic and plastic tanks  using a special primer beforehand. As no dangerous materials are dissolved during storage of water AMERIN D-2/PW1 is allowed to have direct contact with drinking-water.

Plant pots made of AMERIN resin


Our latest development is the AMERIN SFR-1 matrix resin which together with all kinds of gravel can be used for wide range  of castings e.g. plant pots and for making stone carpets. Thanks to its UV-resistance it gives a perfect solution for outdoor application. As it is a one-component product it ensures easy execution.

VILEPOX SX-14 silicon system


We proudly inform you about our newest innovation, the special, fire-retardant VILEPOX SX-14 silicon system. 

Protecting features of electroinsulating resins and varnishes


On March 3. 2017. we took part in the themed Professional Day  "Present and Future of electric vehicles" organized by the Hungarian Electrotechnical Assossiaton. It was a pleasure to accept the invitation of the Assossiation and make a presentation about the "Protective functions of electroinsulating resins and varnishes". Our company was represented by our technical manager, Attila Zsupos.

AMERIN design floorings


Special  design floorings made of our AMERIN coatings can make  your shop, restaurant, saloon or any premises extraordinary by showing either your logo or any picture you've dreamed of. 

Modernized AMERIN UD-4 flooring


•   made from renewable  raw materials
•   environmentally sound thanks to much lower solvent-content
•   excellent levelling
•   excellent abrasion-resistance
•   free of halogens

NEW! AMERIN DT-4 EP Flooring with increased hiding-power


Coloured flooring with increased hiding-power for general use 
• excellent for anti-slip floorings, no difference in colour even on the top of the grains of quartz sand
• excellent for floorings of very thin layer
• wide range of application, for all kinds of  smooth and anti-skid floorings, especially in case of thin layer 
• excellent mechanical and abrasion resistance
• very good chemical resistance
• excellent flow properties
• wide range of colours
• excellent wetting of quartz sand


Celebrating 25th anniversary


We celebrated 25th anniversary of funding of our company on 08. December. At the same time  our new production hall has been opened too.
We spent these precious moments together with our partners, as we are aware, that all this could not be  achieved without their confidence and co-operation, for which we are very grateful.
At the reception we had everything needed for a perfect birthday: cake, ballons, champaign and guests could make themselves a souvenir from our VILEPOX resin. Many Hungarian newspapers and the national TV reported about the event.

We look forward to the next 25 years!

New production hall


We have started building our new production hall



Korax tartalom lábléc