VILEPOX® – Electroinsulating resins and varnishes more

Electroinsulating resin systems and varnishes of Vilepox® and Vilter brandname are widely used in electricc industry, electronics and energetics.

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Finding the most suitable system is often not easy. Our experts are therefore ready to help you in any technical or commercial issue. We undertake developing or tailoring our systems to your special needs.

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AMERIN® – Floorings more

AMERIN® resin based floorings are applied in industrial premises e.g. production halls, warehouses, workshops, laboratories etc., multi-storey car parks, garages, commercial premises, show-rooms, administration buildings, corridors, staircases etc.

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Our patners use AMERIN products mainly in special flooring systems, as this way they achieve the best quality coatings and all special demands can be met.

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